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HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, Visual Basic, SQL Statement, Objective C, Java, Lua, Siemens PLC Ladder, Siemens PLC STL, Rockwell PLC Ladder


IOS SDK, Android SDK, Windows Phone SDK, ASP, ASP.Net, Microsoft Reporting Services, Corona SDK, Web CMS (Joomla, Wordpress), .net Framework


Visual Studio, SQL Server, MySQL, X-Code, Eclipse IDE, InTouch SCADA, iFix SCADA, WinCC SCADA, WinCC Flex HMI

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Bitmap Fonts in Corona SDK

30 Jan 2016

Using your own, custom fonts in games and apps is essential to create the right GUI. Sometimes this can be done with a standard font asset drawn natively; however this doesn’t always provide you with enough artistic licence to create what you really need, and in some cases, ie Windows Phone, using native fonts has a huge impact on performance. There is a solution. Bitmap fonts. Although the idea of bitmaps fonts isn’t new, in… Read More »

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The initial idea

17 Jan 2016

Game development is an endless cycle. Idea > Design > Build > Publish > Repeat. For every cycle you try and bring something new to the party; new technology, new platform, a twist to an already popular idea, and so the list continues. The reason behind this is to try and keep the cycle fresh. It just so happens that it’s that time again for me, to re-start the cycle.

MySQL Header

Coding MySQL PHP calls the correct way

13 Oct 2014

A vast majority of websites are coded using PHP. Chances are if you have a PHP website, it is being driven by a MySQL database back-end… and the chances are that the code you are using to get data to and from the PHP script to the MySQL includes the MySQL functions. MySQL functions are quick and easy to implement; however they contain gaping security holes that easily allow SQL injections and cross site scripting… Read More »

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Hello, I’m Adam Robinson – a full-time, automation engineer, that writes games and applications in my spare time . I work for Automated Control Solutions where I have been writing automation software for many different end users in a wide range of industries for over 10 years.

In my spare time I like to experiment with many many different programming languages, which I have been doing since I was around 10 years old, producing everything from my own space invaders spin off games to custom web CMS systems. More recently I have been writing applications and games for a wide range of platforms, including Android, Apple IOS, Windows Phone and the now redundant Windows Mobile.

When I’m not behind a computer, I enjoy sports, mostly football and Formula One. I also like travelling and exploring new places.

Please feel free to get in touch with any comments or find me on Twitter @adamjrobbo.