FarmYardCritters is a simple game for the Windows Mobile platform designed specifically for small children.

Unfortunately due to the demise of the WindowsMobile platform (now superseded by WindowsPhone) FarmYardCritters is no longer available nor supported on WindowsMobile. The app binary is available on request.

Released: 9th August 2010


FarmYardCritters is a simplistic game designed for kids. Simply match the animal noise to the animal picture to earn points.

Have you got a child that likes playing with your phone? Run the game and set the parent lock feature to lock the child out of the phone, so you can go away and do your own thing, whilst your child is playing on the game. Alternatively sit with your child and play the game together! Perfect for when out and about to keep your child from becoming bored!


  • Match the animal noise to the animal picture to earn points
  • Unique parent lock feature to prevent the child accessing anything else on the phone
  • Leave your child to play, knowing your data is safe!
  • Perfect for young children


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