TimeWatcher is an  app for the Windows Mobile platform that adds time related functions to the phone.  Unfortunately due to the demise of the WindowsMobile platform (now superseded by WindowsPhone) TimeWatcher is no longer available nor supported on WindowsMobile. However TimeWatcher for WindowsPhone was developed and is available to download here. The app binary for the WindowsMobile version is available on request.

Released: 29th April 2010


TimeWatcher adds time related functions to your Windows Mobile device. The app includes three countdown timers with progression bars to visualise how long is left timing and a stopwatch. Times can be entered through a finger friendly interface where you can specify days, hours, minutes or seconds; it’s perfect whether you need to time you’re cooking or sporting activities.

The phone can be put to sleep, or you can continue using other applications whilst the timer is timing; when the time elapses the phone wakes up with a custom alarm tone and system notification so you will always know when it completes.

The stopwatch can be used at the same time or separately. It shows hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds and enables you to have unlimited laps with split and total times displayed; you can also export the list of times to a text file. As with the timer, the stopwatch will continue working whilst other applications are running or the system is put to sleep.


  • Countdown timers with times defined in Days, Hours, Minutes and seconds
  • Three countdown timers with progression bars to visualise how long is left timing
  • Stopwatch can be used seperatly or at the sametime with unlimited and exportable lap times
  • Put the phone to sleep; or continue using other apps and TimeWatcher continues timing
  • TimeWatcher wakes up the phone and shows a system notification on completion


Change Log


  • Base App

V1.1 – Update

  • Unlimited laps on Stopwatch
  • Exportable lap times to text file
  • Split times recorded and shown
  • Improved stopwatch interface

V1.2 – Update

  • 3 individual countdown timers
  • Ability to show 1, 2, or all 3 timers on the home screen
  • Ability to now enter days for the countdown, along with hours, minutes and seconds
  • Re-written code engine behind countdown timer
  • Improved display and interface for countdown timer
  • Fixed a bug where the screens would not render correctly on square devices
  • Fixed a bug where the stopwatch would not count up minutes and hours correctly on the split display

V1.3 – Update

  • Minor improvements
  • Multi-language support. Additional languages added

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