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The initial idea

Game development is an endless cycle. Idea > Design > Build > Publish > Repeat. For every cycle you try and bring something new to the party; new technology, new platform, a twist to an already popular idea, and so the list continues. The reason behind this is to try and keep the cycle fresh. It just so happens that it’s that time again for me, to re-start the cycle.

I have actually been putting off starting a new project, for lack of ideas and primarily time. But a new year has brought new desire to start again. That desire was partially started half way through last year (2015) whilst watching a documentary film on the life of indie developer studios. The film primarily centered on the guys behind Super Meat Boy and Fez. It was Fez that really spiked my interest. I duly downloaded Fez and started playing through it. I fell in love with the graphics and the style of the game, I was intrigued by the mechanics, the 4 dimensional 2d platformer was uniquely brilliant.

Since before I started coding, I had always wanted to make a platform game. I once even started out making one, only to become disheartened.

Its very difficult to make a good platform game, but very easy to make an average platform game.

I gave up in the end as I couldn’t give it the sparkle it needed.

Another point that has always held me back is the graphics. I’m a bit of a control freak; i need to create everything myself. I don’t like using free assets, or assets from others. This is fair enough you may say; however, it becomes very very difficult when you don’t have an artistic bone in your body! Hence my last few games have been anything other than beautiful, or graphically heavy.

So… my fresh idea for this cycle? A 2D platformer, with graphics in the same style as Fez, with gameplay being a mixture between the old fashioned Mario, and the more modern puzzle based adventures. The main difference this time around is I am planning on creating all the art assets myself, in pixel art style.

Now I’m expecting this project to span many, many months. I haven’t thought of a story, or even a character as yet, only the type of game. The following posts in this series, will map the lifecycle of the project, from initial conception, through to the final build.



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